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Md. man went missing after breakup with lover, police say

May 21, 2011
By: Freeman Klopott 03/12/10 5:00 AM
Crime Reporter

John James Morris Jr. was last seen by a neighbor the night of July 30, 2007. He was standing at the end of his former lover’s driveway in Poolesville, searching for the keys to his pickup truck. By morning, Morris was gone, but the truck remained. On Thursday, Montgomery County Crime Solvers offered a $1,000 reward for information that leads authorities to Morris, or to the arrest of his possible attackers. Montgomery County police believe he might have been kidnapped or killed, but they have no suspects. The health of the 40-year-old’s parents in New Jersey is failing. “There is no closure or peace, we just live in limbo waiting for answers,” Morris’ mother, Madeline Morris, said in a statement. The 6-feet-1-inch-tall Morris left his parents’ home on the morning of July 30, 2007, and drove to the 24000 block of Whites Ferry Road to collect his belongings from the house he shared with his partner for 14 years, Detective Rod Stephens said.

The two men had separated a few weeks earlier. “Their relationship was off and on verbally and physically abusive,” Stephens said. The partner returned from a trip abroad the day Morris was last seen. He landed in Washington at 4 p.m. but told authorities he spent the night in a condo he owned in D.C. A neighbor, Stephens said, confirmed to police that the partner’s car was not in the driveway when she left at 11 p.m. That was when she saw Morris looking for something in the dark. Stephens said he believes Morris was searching for the keys to his truck. Police later found the keys in the truck’s bed. Morris’ partner has been repeatedly questioned, and police have no reason to suspect him, Stephens said. There were no signs of a struggle in the partner’s house, and repeated searches of the property produced no results. Morris had suicidal tendencies in the past, but police don’t believe he killed himself. Stephens said if Morris had done that, authorities would likely have found his body by now. Anyone with information regarding Morris’ whereabouts is asked to call Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477).

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