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Mom of missing man releases statement

May 21, 2011

Friday – 3/12/2010, 5:05am  ET


Madeline Morris is seen in an undated photo with her son, John. Both Madeline Morris and her husband have health problems and want to know what happened to their son. (Photo courtesy of Morris family)
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The mother of John Morris, Jr. released the following statement asking for help to find her son.

My name is Madeline Morris, mother of missing John James Morris who went missing on July 30, 2007 about 11:00 p.m. from the 24000 block of Whites Ferry Road in the Poolesville/Dickerson area of Maryland. I would be here personally, but medical problems limit my travel and I reside in New Jersey.

John is a warm loving person with an infectious smile. He can make you laugh at a drop of a hat, everything is funny to him. He is well-spoken and articulate and easily makes friends. John is very neat about his appearance and all things around him, especially his living quarters.

John also suffers with an Attention Deficit Disorder with bipolar tendencies. He should be on medication, but don’t know if he is.

His family, friends, former classmates and neighbors miss him so very much and are praying for his safe return. John, if you are listening to this, you are loved by more people than you ever can imagine. Nothing is so bad that it can’t be worked out or rectified. Your old friends want to see you again and help you work things out.

John is an animal lover and may have taken a stray as company. He is warm, loving and very good with animals and older people. John was always there when anyone needed a hand. I remember how he stayed at his dying grandfather’s side to the end of his life, that’s how caring he is.

As I mentioned before, my husband and I have medical problems and John always called to see how we were doing. Since John went missing, the phone calls stopped and that leads us to believe something is very wrong. John is very spiritual and prays when he needs guidance.

John, if you hear this, dad and I miss you so very much and so does your dog, Bentley.

Our hearts are breaking, we do not sleep well thinking about what may have happened to you. Dad, me, and your brother want to hear from you or at least find out what happened to you. There is no closure or peace, we just live in limbo waiting for answers. I cry most of the time.

I am begging all of you listening to please help us find John and if you know anything about what happened to John, please come forward with information. If you do come forward, your heart and mind will once more be free. This is between you and your God who will be your final judge. Thanks You.

Madeline Morris

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