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Prayer Written For John


Prayer written and dedicated to John Morris; written by is uncle Bill Morris

Prayer for Loved Ones

May we clear our minds of all the thoughts of the day and place ourselves in the hands of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our absent loved ones – friends and relatives – are really never missing.  While they are not visible in our eyes, they are ever present in our hearts.  While they are not heard in our ears, they are most assuredly speaking in our souls.  Also, while the voices of these beautiful people are not heard, they truly communicate to all of us through our innermost thoughts each day and every day.

Yes, our people are missing from our lives, but they are only missing to us.  They are definitely not missing to Our Lord.  He knows exactly where each of them is and we must be cognizant of the fact that He is constantly watching over them for us.

As we raise our voices in silence to our God in supplication and petition Him to return our loved ones to us, know that He hears us.

God has a master plan for each and ever one of us here, as well as for our missing ones. We are all charged with the obligation to accept and follow His life plan for us as do our loved ones.

May our good benevolent Lord watch over and protect all of our absent loved ones and give us the strength to be patient for the return of our missing loved ones.

Written by John’s Uncle, Bill Morris

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